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Muscles of the eye

The following is the general fitting procedure for an Artificial Eye:

Initially, a custom shape is individually molded, cast and formed for volume and matching lid contours.


Next, the iris is hand-painted to match the patientís natural eye coloring.† The painted iris is then placed on the custom shape.


Careful attention is paid to the sclera, which is also carefully hand-painted, veined, and tinted to create a true-to-life reproduction.


To finish, a clear acrylic cap is applied to protect the colors, give depth to the iris, and produce a smooth finish for patient comfort.



Before we deliver the prosthetic, we check seven basic considerations for assuring proper fit and life-like results:


1)† Size and lid contour.


2)† Proper posterior fit of the prosthesis over the anterior tissues in the ocular cavity for comfort and motility.


3)† Color of the sclera (white).


4)† Position and plane of the iris.


5)† Color of the iris and pupil size.


6)† Movement of the artificial eye*.


7)† Patient comfort and a pleasing cosmetic result.


* Movement of the artificial eye is determined by the orbital implant chosen and the type of surgery performed by the Ophthalmologist, as well as the accuracy and skill of the Ocularist who does the fitting.

Fitting Procedure

Processed irises in iris flask