Custom Ocular Prosthetics

The World Leaders in Custom Made Artificial Eyes

50 Years in Seattle



Orville Sankey, Founder
Greg Sankey, BCO, BADO, Licensed Ocularist

Custom Ocular Prosthetics was founded by Orville Sankey in 1979 with the goal of producing the highest quality, custom made artificial eyes in the world.

When Greg took over the business in 1991, he committed himself to continuing his fatherís goal.

Attention to patient satisfaction and personal care is the philosophy of Greg Sankey and the staff of Custom Ocular Prosthetics.  With a combined nearly 70 years experience in the business, Custom Ocular Prosthetics represents stability and tradition.  We are not content to simply rely on established processes but are constantly studying new methods of manufacturing artificial eyes, as well as researching new techniques that may be beneficial in the future.